Commercial Cleaning

Our Process

Step 1

Let us get to know your business and assess your needs.

Step 2 

Let us present our proposal that is tailored to meet your cleaning needs and expectations

The Facts


the average office desk has up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! With a whopping 87% of workers eat lunch at their desks


60% of staff absentees can be attributed to unclean workplaces


cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours on surfaces and this bacteria can increase by up to 31%


82% of staff feel they would be much more productive in a cleaner office enviorment

What Are The Benefits?

  • We offer a variety of cleaning services, including: exterior, interior floors, garbages, bathrooms, you name it

  • We maintain a professional appearance for your business that you can be proud of

  • We will work around your busy business

  • Annual reviews to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your services

Take the first step

Let us get to know your business & your cleaning needs

Window Cleaning

We make it easy for our clients

Whether you get your windows cleaned once a year or once a week, you can be sure to count on us!

  • Pre-Schedule cleaning dates

  • Qualify for Loyalty Discounts

  • Cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Loyalty Subscription Tiers


  • 10% OFF


  • 3-4 CLEANS / YEAR
  • 15% OFF


  • 5-6 CLEANS / YEAR
  • 20% OFF


  • 7+ CLEANS / YEAR
  • 25% OFF

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Solar Window Tint

What is Solar Window Tint?

Solar window film is a type of tint that is installed on the inside of your home or business windows. The film is made up of metalized particles that reflect heat back to the hot side of the window. Below is a list of some of the advantages you receive when solar film is installed on your windows.

  • Eliminates 99.9% U.V. Rays

  • Day Time Privacy.

  • Reduce Glare by up to 85%

  • Reduce Heat by up to 85%

  • Eliminate Uncomfortable Hot Spots.

  • Save On Utility Bills.

Free in-home solar film demos available!

Exterior Home Detailing

Step 1

Step 2

Receive free quote

Step 3

Book your appointment and receive fantastic work!

1. We Will Complete a Full Eavestrough Cleaning

2. Complete Power Wash of Exterior Siding

3. Finish off with a streak-free window cleaning to leave your home looking brand new

Providing an Opportunity for the Community – Snack Services

An amazing opportunity to give back to the community. completely free for the business this is a fantastic way for any business’ to support local charities. proceeds go to the gord laurie foundation that assists organizations around lethbridge, AB. for more details please visit

YTD Donations: $200


  • 30% 30%

2017 Donations: $1,420


  • 100% 100%

2016 Donations: $2,100


  • 100% 100%

1. Pick your snack box size

30 item  or  60 item

2. Pick snack type

Healthy snack box – Healthy snack options
Salty snack box- Not so healthy snack options
Hybrid snack box – health & salty, best of both

3. Decide where you will place

Decide where you will host your snack box in your business. We will pick up & replenish snacks monthly.

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